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Physician (Internal Medicine)

Defense Health Agency (DHA)
Jbsa Fort Sam Houston, TX
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Jan 3, 2022

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Internal Medicine

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The employee uses guidelines such as broad policy statements, basic legislation, recent scientific findings, or reports that are often ambiguous in nature and require extensive interpretation. The employee uses judgment and ingenuity and exercises broad latitude to interpret new or revised professional standards and codes, guidelines, policy statements, or regulations. Management officials and senior staff recognize the employee as a technical expert in the development and interpretation of professional guidelines.

Work consists of providing advisory and consultative services in evaluating and correlating conflicting medical evidence for the purpose of arriving at a sound medical conclusion on novel and exceptionally difficult cases. Develops new medical standards and policies; and provides authoritative medical competency in evaluating and correlating medical evidence with regard to the impact of disease or injury on various medical conditions.

The employee identifies medical policy issues requiring revisions and clarification and devises activities necessary to resolve problems. Conducts independent research of medical issues to ensure that medical policy reflects current science. Provides technical materials necessary for revision or clarification of medical policy issues. Provides expert guidance on agency policies and procedures to other physicians and consultants.

Establishes concepts, theories, and multi-dimensional approaches to resolve unyielding problems for which traditional methods are neither applicable nor easily adaptable. Establishes medical standards for various claims that reflect current medical science.

Scope of the involves planning, developing, advising on, and implementing vital medical and healthcare programs essential to the mission of the agency. In addition, the work involves isolating and defining unprecedented issues and unknown conditions; formulating and exploring new theories and phenomena; developing, testing, and advising on new approaches, theories, or methods; and/or providing expert advice and guidance to officials, administrators, and healthcare providers on a wide range of medical and healthcare concerns. Work results affect the quality and success of key programs essential to the agency's mission and protection and quality of life and/or health of a large number of people on a continuous basis. Continual advancement of the medical and healthcare fields in the Federal sector, private sector, research, and academia.

Personal contacts are with individuals or groups from outside the agency, including consultants, contractors or representatives of the media or professional associations, in moderately unstructured settings. The employee must recognize or learn the role and authority of each party during the course of the meeting.

The work may require some physical exertion such as long periods of standing, or recurring and considerable crouching, bending, standing, stooping, stretching, or walking such as in performing regular and recurring medical activities, inspections, or to observe healthcare operations in treatment facilities. Work also includes frequent lifting of moderately heavy items weighing less than 23 kilograms (i.e., under 50 pounds) such as record boxes, equipment, or assisting in self-care transfer activities.


As a procedural internist, provides full treatment to cases involving patient medical care. Also furnishes expert professional consultative assistance to colleagues, other clinical services, as well as outlying medical treatment facilities for patient care involving esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) /flexible sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy, transthoracic echocardiography and continuous holter monitoring. In this capacity performs the following:

1. Evaluates outpatient and inpatients for gastrointestinal problems. Performs the following gastrointestinal sub-specialty procedures: esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) and colonoscopy with or without cold or hot biopsy and polypectomy with cold biopsy forceps or hot snares and hemostasis of gastrointestinal bleeding with non-variceal sclerotherapy with/without hemoclips. Provides EGD, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy with or without biopsy to aid in the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal conditions as appropriate. Provides routine endoscopic and non-endoscopic procedures and integrates their results in the overall management of the patient. Provides ancillary tests/procedures in the work-up and management of patients with gastroenterological conditions. This includes appropriate indications for the investigation, what the investigation practically entails, common side effects and significant risks and the precautions patients should take before and after the procedure is completed. Provides both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures as clinically indicated.

2. Performs and interprets Transthoracic Echocardiogram with M-mode/Two-Dimensional (2D), color Doppler and Tissue Doppler Imaging and interprets Holter Monitoring to aid in the management of conditions as appropriate.

3. Responsible for all administrative activities normally associated with inpatient and outpatient health care delivery within the military setting. Also responsible for participating in various hospital meetings, including, but not limited to, quality assurance meetings. Ensure medical records are updated with in-depth evaluation of patients, their treatments and their prognoses. Maintain required continuing medical education (CME) hours by attending conferences and other approved CME events.


• You must be a U.S. citizen to qualify for this position and provide proof of U.S. Citizenship.

• If selected, official college or university transcript must be submitted.

• Must provide documents for credentialing for health care positions.

• Must have a permanent, full, and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a State, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or a territory of the U.S.

• All Health Care Providers must be able to obtain and maintain current Basic Life Support (BLS) Training and certification. Current Advanced Life Support of other advanced certification does not supersede BLS completion.




  • Promote, sustain, and enhance the health of our armed forces, veterans, and their families.
  • Train, develop, and equip a medical force that supports full spectrum operations.
  • Deliver leading-edge healthcare to our warriors and military families to optimize outcomes.



There are a lot of reasons you became a physician, but none of them included inflexible work schedules, burdensome administrative tasks, and dealing with insurance companies. By offering you exceptional employment benefits as well as the opportunity to practice at locations across the U.S. and around the world, DHA delivers you the work-life balance you have always been missing.


Practice your specialty and experience the unique career opportunities and benefits that can be found at the DHA.


The civilian physicians of the Defense Health Agency meet the healthcare needs of active duty and retired military personnel, and their families, at treatment facilities across the U.S. and around the world.


  • 250+ Locations Worldwide
  • 5 Million+ Under Our Care
  • Excellent Staffing Ratios
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Patient-Focused Care


  • Competitive Salary
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Recruitment Bonuses
  • Job Security
  • Supportive Work Environment


With job openings at more than 250 military medical facilities all across the U.S. and around the world, DHA offers you the chance to practice where you want.


  • Family Medicine
  • Internists
  • Pediatricians
  • Obstetricians & Gynecologists
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Neurologists
  • Allergists & Immunologists
  • Hospitalists
  • Urologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Dermatologists
  • Physical Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine Physicians
  • Radiologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine

           AND MORE.




Dr Frank R

“As a civilian serving in the DHA, I get what I was missing most in my old practice. I was tired of the punishing work schedule and dealing with insurance and all the stress it brings. Now, I still practice alongside great physicians in a state-of-the-art facility, but in an environment that allows me to have a life outside the practice.

Best of all, even though I'm a civilian, I receive excellent federal benefits.”

Dr. Frank R

Evans Army Community Hospital

Fort Carson, CO.


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