Physician (Internal Medicine)

Ft. Sill, OK
Jan 14, 2021
Jul 01, 2021
Internal Medicine


A recruitment or relocation bonus may be authorized.

This is an open continuous announcement. We accept applications for this occupation on an ongoing basis; qualified applicants will be considered as vacancies become available.

Business travel could be required on some positions filled from this solicitation.

Medical malpractice liability insurance is not required for federal civilian healthcare providers as they are covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. § 1346(b)) while acting within the scope of their employment.

Permanent, Term, Part-time, intermittent or temporary positions will be filled from this solicitation.

Supervisory and non-supervisory positions will be filled from this solicitation.

Who May Apply: U.S. Citizens

Travel Required


  • Not Required


Relocation Authorized



  • Yes
  • Relocation costs may be paid if the selecting official determines the relocation is in the best interests of the government.



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As a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and/or Sleep Medicine, the incumbent will serve as the Director of the Sleep Lab. In the Sleep Clinic the incumbent is responsible for the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the full range of outpatients seen in the clinic. The presence of multiple chronic conditions and a wide range of sleep and breathing disorders and diseases, complicated diagnoses and treatments, requiring the training and experience of a board certified specialist in Sleep Medicine. The incumbent has care privileges appropriate for the care of patients with Internal Medicine, and Sleep disorders in the outpatient settings.

In an outpatient clinic the incumbent performs a wide range of medical duties covering all aspects of disorders involving Adult and Sleep Medicine. Many patients with sleep disorders might have multiple overlapping problems such as insufficient sleep, obstructive sleep apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome, insomnia, central sleep apnea, Cheyne Stokes Respirations, parasomnias, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movements of sleep, depression, idiopathic CNS hypersomnolence, nocturnal hypoxia related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or interstial lung disease, degenerative neurologic conditions requiring nocturnal ventilation, delayed sleep phase syndrome, jet lag syndrome, and the effects of other chronic medical conditions on sleep. Examines patients, orders and evaluates the full range of tests to include polysomnography, multiple sleep latency testing, actigraphy, sleep diaries, unattended sleep studies, appropriate radiographic, pulmonary function testing and laboratory testing when indicated in patients when diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, interstial lung disease, hypothyroidism, gastroesophageal reflux or pain syndromes are affecting sleep. Makes diagnosis's and prescribes appropriate treatments to include continuous positive airway pressure, bi-level airway pressure, oxygen, drugs or behavioral modalities. Makes referrals to the appropriate clinics. Communicates with patients, referring physicians and back to the appropriate primary care manager for management of disorders outside the specialty of sleep Medicine. Provides telephone consultative services. Provides recommendations or definitive evaluation for sleep medicine disorders in the referral region through phone consultation. Periodically provides episodic care to clinic patients on a walk-in basis. Use of the electronic record for consult located in CHCS is required. A full working knowledge of electronic data retrieval is required.

Supervises, teaches, educates and provides consultation to other health care providers (nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, medical students and fellows). Serves as occasional consultation service for patients admitted to the PCU, or adult services. Provides chart, polysomnography and multiple sleep latency testing review for quality assurance purposes in the area of Sleep Medicine if requested on an occasional basis. Additionally, may perform clinical or laboratory research and gives lectures on Sleep Medicine.


US Citizen

Board Certified Preferred

Degree: MD or DO from a school in the US or Canada approved by a recognized accrediting body in the year of the applicants graduation. An MD or equivalent degree from a foreign medical school that provided education & medical knowledge substantially equivalent to accredited schools in the US may be demonstrated by permanent certification by ECFMG or a fifth pathway certificate for Americans who completed premedical education in the US & graduate education in a foreign country.

Graduate Training: Subsequent to obtaining an MD or DO, a candidate must have had at least 1 year of supervised experience providing direct service in a clinical setting, i.e., a 1-year internship or the first year of a residency program in an institution accredited for such training. (This 1 year of supervised experience may be waived for research or administrative positions not requiring direct patient care.) For purposes of this standard, graduate training programs include only those internship, residency, & fellowship programs that are approved by accrediting bodies recognized within the US or Canada. Listings of accredited programs are published yearly in the Directory of Residency Training Programs and the Yearbook and Directory of Osteopathic Physicians.

Licensure: For positions involving patient care, candidates must have a permanent, full, & unrestricted license to practice medicine in a State, DC, Puerto Rico, or a territory of the US.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must possess current certification in Basic life Support (BLS)/Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation from American Heart Association. Must be able to obtain and maintain current BLS training & certification. Current Advanced Cardiac Life Support or other advanced certification does not supersede BLS completion. 4 years of residency training in the specialty of Internal Medicine or equivalent experience & training. Experience with examining patient, determining need for & orders laboratory tests, x-rays, & other procedures necessary to complete medical facts on the case; interprets examination findings and test results; makes diagnosis of disease or disorder; plans & carries out or prescribes course of treatment, to include referrals to other specialty areas &/or admission to hospital. Follows progress of case & modifies course of treatment as necessary.


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