Physician (Psychiatrist)

Ft. Irwin, CA
Oct 23, 2020
Oct 23, 2021

This civilian position is located with the United States Army Medical Command, Weed Army Hospital, Community Mental Health Services, Fort Irwin, California.

Weed Army Community Hospital's Community Mental Health Service is located at Fort Irwin, CA, located 37 miles NE of the city of Barstow, Calofirnia. Located in the Inland Empire midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Barstow offers the conveniences of small town living with the resources of major metropolitan areas only a short drive away. The extensive city park system features play areas, pools, bowling alleys, golf courses, tennis and volleyball courts, ball and soccer fields, batting cages and in-line roller hockey. Residents also enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, off-roading, and desert exploring. Ft. Irwin is only a short drive to the historic mountain valley community Big Bear Lake. The natural beauty of Big Bear Lake attracts boating enthusiast, cyclists, hikers, runners, snowboarders and skiers from all over the world.

Nearest airports are located in Ontario, CA (120 miles), Los Angeles (175 miles) and Las Vegas (180 miles).


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Employee performs duties as a Practitioner and Consultant in Psychiatry with emphasis on problems of all levels of complexity and must come to the position with knowledge and experience (ideally working with the military population) providing treatment services in any capacity including, but not limited to, inpatient service, partial hospitalization service, intensive outpatient services, routine outpatient services, consultation liaison services and must be well-versed to transition to any area as required. Treatments require very advanced knowledge and/or skill and selection from a variety of alternatives. Incumbent makes recommendations on major diagnostics and treatment plans. Employee provides continuing follow-up care for chronic inpatients and outpatients with acute disorders and complications of these disorders, such as psychosis, organic brain syndrome, substance abuse/addictions, etc. and provides psychiatric care for walk-in patients presenting with acute illnesses of minor and major proportions. The employee is expected to exercise initiative and sound judgment in establishing evaluation techniques, developing treatment and rehabilitation plans and providing appropriate therapeutic treatment services. Examines and conducts thorough studies of presenting patients and evaluates laboratory and clinical findings, prescribing appropriate treatment or referring patient to appropriate specialty clinics. Incumbent collaborates with physicians in other medical specialties on cases involving complicated and multifaceted problems and provides professional consultation, supervision, and collaborative medical support to other professional staff such as psychologists, advanced practical nurses, social workers, as well as military specific liaison work with commanders. Employee may be assigned to be the prescribing team member for a way of delivering BH health care in a forward location within the footprint of a supported FORSCOM unit. This type of BH delivery consists of consultation with operational unit leaders, endeavors to identify Soldiers with BH issues early in the course of their psychopathology and provides appropriate treatment and recommendations for disposition, such as medical retirement or administrative separation. The cases assigned to the incumbent would be higher levels of complexity to include PTSD, psychosis, bipolar, etc.

Typically, cases will cover all levels of complexity in Psychiatry. Employee will be responsible for evaluation of seriously ill patients who may present as inpatients and will be responsible for appropriate disposition of such patients. The administration and coordination of inpatient teaching and clinical programs require the highest level of skill, responsibility, and experience.

The work has a direct impact on patient care (military personnel and their dependents) in dealing with mental illness and complex medical problems. The complexity of meeting the needs of patients, families, and staff, as well as the greater community requires broad and specific thinking and knowledge to maximize a positive result. The work involves establishing criteria; assessing program effectiveness; or investigating or analyzing a variety of unusual conditions, problems, or questions.

Personal contacts are with patients for the purpose of rendering examinations, treatment, and diagnosis. Employee consults with other physicians in difficult and complex cases and has daily contact with a variety of support staff.
Contacts are for the purpose of providing comprehensive medical care to patients as well as for counseling and educating lower grade physicians, house staff physicians, nurses, and paramedical personnel. The work involves participation in conferences on issues of considerable consequence or importance. The people contacted may have diverse viewpoints, goals, or objectives requiring the employee to achieve a common understanding of the problem and satisfactory solution by convincing them, arriving at a compromise, or developing suitable alternatives.

The work involves walking, standing, and sitting. Employee may be required to adjust medical equipment and, on rare occasions, may move special equipment from one location to another within the same office. Employee may be required on occasion to assist in transporting an acutely ill patient



US Citizenship Required

Must be a licensed Physician

Resume/CV must list hours per week worked for all work positions in order to correctly determine experience and pay setting.

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