Chief Medical Officer

Chicago, Illinois
$134,000 to $164,000
Nov 19, 2018
Dec 19, 2018
18-DEU-21 10310416YMA
Full Time
Position Type

As a Chief Medical Officer, you will:

  • Provide assistance and expert medical guidance to the Office of Programs in the adjudication of disability annuity claims under the Railroad Retirement Act (RRA) and sickness insurance claims under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.
  • Personally provide medical expertise to agency staff in the adjudication of disability annuities and sickness insurance claims.
  • Provide professional medical advice to examiners and Quality Assurance staff to ensure decisions are in accord with medical standards, laws, regulations, and policies.
  • Assist and collaborate with the Disability Advisory Committee established by Board regulations to recommend and implement medically sound standards.
  • Conduct reviews of disability cases to identify deficiencies or systemic program weaknesses and provide recommendations.
  • Develop with agency staff, training in interpreting medical opinions, findings, and records for claims examiners and other staff for disability annuity and sickness insurance claim determinations and reviews.
  • Assist with presenting training material to examiners and other agency staff.
  • Assist in the assessment, acquisition, implementation, and monitoring of software applications relating to claims for disability annuities under the RRA.
  • Advise the Director of Programs and other agency staff regarding medical issues concerning administration of contracts for medical examinations and opinions, and advise regarding evaluation of bids.
  • Acts as agency medical liaison to other Federal agencies and to the public. May assist medical professionals regarding interactions with the agency.