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    How to Ace Your Virtual Interview

    • Mar 23, 2021

    If you’re job hunting right now, making a good impression through the screen of your laptop has taken on a whole new importance. We asked our recruiters their top tips on how to approach your virtual interview with confidence. Here’s what they had to say. | NATIVE CONTENT |

  • Dispelling Medical Mistruths

    • Mar 5, 2021

    The internet can be a powerful health care tool — giving patients access to their medical records and enabling direct communication with their providers. But it can also be a source of misinformation. Here, Provider Solutions & Development shares facts about medical misinformation, ways to address it with patients and how to combat it in your practice.

  • From Jiu Jitsu to Joint Replacements: Surgeon Finds His Perfect Fit

    • Feb 19, 2021

    For Dr. Steven Dailey, getting his black belt was just as important as where he’d be performing surgery. He is now building a thriving Orthopedics program in a small town hospital, with a jiu jitsu studio just down the street. Here, he shares how he worked with Provider Solutions & Development to narrow down his options and find a role where he would be fulfilled on the job, and off.

  • 12 Physician Job Search Priorities That May Surprise You

    • Feb 8, 2021

    Sure, money and location are important when you’re deciding where to work next. But often it’s the intangibles that will tip the scales toward one particular opportunity. How innovative is the health system? What’s the work culture like? Here, we dive under the surface to explore how you can make sure you will really be happy in a new role.

  • A Window Into the World of a Physician Researcher

    • Dec 18, 2020

    Inspired to cure cancer and not just treat it, Dr. Rangaswamy Chintapatla has built a career where he spends as much time running clinical trials as he does seeing his Oncology patients. Here, he describes the many benefits of incorporating research into your practice.

  • A Resident’s Experience on the Front Lines of COVID

    • Dec 18, 2020

    A 4 a.m. phone call from home alerted Dr. Brandon Temte, a third-year resident teaching at a medical school in Uganda, that coronavirus was now a pandemic. The U.S. was closing its airports. He caught the last international fight out and returned to a completely changed hospital and country. Here, he shares his story.

  • From South Dakota to LA: Doctor Shares Why Urban Medicine Suits Him

    • Dec 11, 2020

    He spent nearly a decade as a small town physician, but Dr. Samuel Nyamu always knew he wanted to practice in a large, metropolitan environment. Read about his big leap, and how he, his wife and four children have found their happy place in California.

  • New York Doctor Rediscovers His Love for Medicine

    • Nov 23, 2020

    Burned out from decades of bureaucracy and long hours, Dr. Tony Knott left his practice behind and flew to England. A five-year adventure ensued, including learning to drive on the left side of the road and launching a book publishing company. Now a family practice doctor at NYC Health + Hospitals, he shares how COVID-19 led to renewed purpose and a new path.

  • PS&D Helps Doctor Pursue Her Passion for Addiction Medicine

    • Oct 30, 2020

    Dr. Terena Gimmillaro worked in the food service industry for years before becoming a primary care physician. Her background gave her a heart for helping people struggling with the disease of addiction. Read how she pivoted her career, and learn about her pioneering approach to helping patients dealing with addiction in the hospital setting.

  • Navigating Locum Tenens Positions in a COVID-19 Climate

    • Sep 4, 2020

    An in-house recruitment manager at Provider Solutions & Development shares his expert advice on the benefits of Locum Tenens roles and navigating the changing industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • One Doctor’s Journey Into Telehealth

    • Aug 13, 2020

    From his home office in Michigan, Dr. Mahmud Al Furgani treats Providence patients in seven states. He calls his job as a telehospitalist ‘a dream’ opportunity and shares how telehealth is transforming the future of medicine. | NATIVE CONTENT |

  • How Rural Medicine Can Help Build a Thriving Career

    • Jul 16, 2020

    A CRNA from Alaska and a family medicine physician from Montana share what drew them to practice in remote locations, from a broader scope of practice to the slower pace of life. | NATIVE CONTENT |

  • How Clinicians Can Heal from the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19

    • Jun 24, 2020

    Dr. Annelise Manns, PsyD, is passionate about the importance of clinicians taking care of themselves emotionally and physically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, she offers advice on how to cope, heal and even thrive in our new normal. | NATIVE CONTENT |