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  • One Doctor’s Journey Into Telehealth

    • Aug 13, 2020

    From his home office in Michigan, Dr. Mahmud Al Furgani treats Providence patients in seven states. He calls his job as a telehospitalist ‘a dream’ opportunity and shares how telehealth is transforming the future of medicine. | NATIVE CONTENT |

  • How Rural Medicine Can Help Build a Thriving Career

    • Jul 16, 2020

    A CRNA from Alaska and a family medicine physician from Montana share what drew them to practice in remote locations, from a broader scope of practice to the slower pace of life. | NATIVE CONTENT |

  • How Clinicians Can Heal from the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19

    • Jun 24, 2020

    Dr. Annelise Manns, PsyD, is passionate about the importance of clinicians taking care of themselves emotionally and physically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, she offers advice on how to cope, heal and even thrive in our new normal. | NATIVE CONTENT |