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  • Inspired to cure cancer and not just treat it, Dr. Rangaswamy Chintapatla has built a career where he spends as much time running clinical trials as he does seeing his Oncology patients. Here, he describes the many benefits of incorporating research into your practice.
  • A 4 a.m. phone call from home alerted Dr. Brandon Temte, a third-year resident teaching at a medical school in Uganda, that coronavirus was now a pandemic. The U.S. was closing its airports. He caught the last international fight out and returned to a completely changed hospital and country. Here...
  • He spent nearly a decade as a small town physician, but Dr. Samuel Nyamu always knew he wanted to practice in a large, metropolitan environment. Read about his big leap, and how he, his wife and four children have found their happy place in California.
  • Burned out from decades of bureaucracy and long hours, Dr. Tony Knott left his practice behind and flew to England. A five-year adventure ensued, including learning to drive on the left side of the road and launching a book publishing company. Now a family practice doctor at NYC Health + Hospital...
  • Dr. Terena Gimmillaro worked in the food service industry for years before becoming a primary care physician. Her background gave her a heart for helping people struggling with the disease of addiction. Read how she pivoted her career, and learn about her pioneering approach to helping patients d...
  • An in-house recruitment manager at Provider Solutions & Development shares his expert advice on the benefits of Locum Tenens roles and navigating the changing industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • From his home office in Michigan, Dr. Mahmud Al Furgani treats Providence patients in seven states. He calls his job as a telehospitalist ‘a dream’ opportunity and shares how telehealth is transforming the future of medicine. | NATIVE CONTENT |
  • A CRNA from Alaska and a family medicine physician from Montana share what drew them to practice in remote locations, from a broader scope of practice to the slower pace of life. | NATIVE CONTENT |
  • Dr. Annelise Manns, PsyD, is passionate about the importance of clinicians taking care of themselves emotionally and physically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, she offers advice on how to cope, heal and even thrive in our new normal. | NATIVE CONTENT |
  • If you’re job hunting right now, making a good impression through the screen of your laptop has taken on a whole new importance. We asked our recruiters their top tips on how to approach your virtual interview with confidence. Here’s what they had to say. | NATIVE CONTENT |