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  • Unlocking Opportunities: Why Physicians Should Consider Getting Licensed In More Than One State

    • May 1, 2024

    Find out why holding multiple state licenses can create more professional opportunities — from telehealth to locum tenens — and learn about the new Interstate Medical Licensure Compact that’s making getting another license easier than ever.

  • How Do the Top Locums Tenens Agencies Compare?

    • Oct 17, 2023

    Are you looking for a locum tenens agency? Whether you want to travel, try telehealth, or work close to home, we can help you find the best fit.

  • Physician Interview Questions and Answers

    • Apr 5, 2023

    Find out what recruiters are likely to ask during your physician interview and how to answer their questions for your best shot at getting the job.

  • Population Health Executive Leads New Organization Using Physician MBA

    • Jan 20, 2023

    When two Indiana health systems partnered on a population health venture, they selected emergency medicine physician Lori Sieboldt, MD, MBA’21, to lead medical operations. She credits the Physician MBA at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business for her transition to executive leadership.

  • How Does Locum Tenens Pay and Salary Work for Physicians?

    • Nov 15, 2022

    Want to know how locum tenens pay works? Find out how rates are determined, how physicians can earn more by working less, and more.

  • How Locum Tenens Jobs Help You Achieve Better Work/Life Balance

    • Nov 1, 2022

    A recent CHG Healthcare survey revealed that 40% of physicians are changing careers. The number one cause cited by physicians? Burnout and a lack of work/life balance. Find out how locum tenens can bring the balance back to your career with less administrative burden, schedule flexibility, and the time to pursue your passions.

  • The Top 10 Highest Paying States for Locum Tenens Physicians in 2022

    • Oct 3, 2022

    Want to boost your earnings working locum tenens? Then consider taking an assignment in one of this year’s highest paying states for locum tenens physicians. We partnered with two of the largest locum tenens staffing agencies in the U.S. to determine which states are paying higher than average rates for locum tenens. Here are just a few of the reasons behind the higher pay.

  • How to Write the Perfect Physician CV

    • Sep 15, 2022

    As a physician, you need a solid CV in order to get noticed and land your dream job. Find out what a recruiter is looking for when they review your CV, which qualifications you should highlight, and which red flags you should avoid to ensure it stands out from the competition.

  • Locum tenens 101 for physicians: A newcomer’s guide

    • Sep 6, 2022

    Interested in locums work but don't know where to begin? This newcomer's guide provides insight into working with a locum tenens agency, how locums pay works, and what to consider when choosing your first locums assignment. If you'd like to advance your career and explore new opportunities through locums, this guide is for you.

  • How to Negotiate Your Physician Contract

    • Jun 27, 2023

    Everything you need to effectively negotiate your physician contract, including what to look for in an offer and other tips for getting what you want.

  • How I Choose Which Locums Agencies to Work With

    • Oct 17, 2022

    Whether you’re thinking about working locum tenens or are an established locum veteran, you’ll want to find a locum tenens agency that will always have your back. Here are the characteristics that experienced locum Dr. Nicholas Kusnezov looks for when choosing a locum tenens agency.

  • Physician Relocation: What to Know Before Making a Move

    • Dec 28, 2021

    The pandemic has led millions of people to move in the last two years, and physicians are no exception. LeAnn Patton, recruitment resource coordinator, handles “all things physician relocation” for Provider Solutions & Development. We caught up with her for some inside tips on what physicians need to look out for both before and after a move.

  • Clinic or Hospital: Where Will You Be the Happiest?

    • Dec 10, 2021

    When Dr. Estelle Lin was deciding where she wanted to work after residency, she wasn’t sure which path would fit her best — a clinic or a hospital setting. Rather than committing to a long-term position, she decided to try out both. Here, we talk with her about the pros and cons of working in each setting.

  • How to Practice LGBTQI+-Centered Healthcare

    • Nov 26, 2021

    Health equity is improving for the LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex) community, yet research suggests there is much work to be done. Here, Provider Solutions & Development interviews Swedish health system’s Dr. Kevin Wang about his journey as a gay physician and how health organizations can be more inclusive.

  • Physicians: Make the Most of Your Time with Medical Residents

    • Oct 29, 2021

    You play an important role in training your medical residents. Are you confident in doing so? Learn about the importance of giving these residents learning opportunities and others ways to enhance their experience and create a positive working relationship.

  • Why Physician Vacation Time is Vital

    • Sep 30, 2021

    In the age of physician burnout, simply taking your PTO can be a step toward reclaiming your health. Learn the science behind why prioritizing yourself can improve your well-being and your productivity, and read tips on how to plan a successful vacation.

  • PS&D Helps Physician Return to U.S. After COVID-Related Job Loss

    • Sep 24, 2021

    For Dr. Adrian Dryden, COVID meant more than learning new protocols and wearing extra PPE. It upended his life, starting with a job loss and ending with him having to return to Canada, where he grew up. Read how Provider Solutions & Development's team helped him navigate a complex immigration process and return to an ideal role in the U.S.

  • Physician Interview Guide: What You Must Ask

    • Aug 11, 2021

    “Do you have any questions for us?” When you’re interviewing, how you respond to this question can make all the difference between a misstep and finding your perfect fit. Here, one of our senior recruiters shares insider knowledge on how to get at what really matters in your physician job interview.

  • Being a Doctor and a Mother During the Pandemic

    • Jun 29, 2021

    As a physician and a mother, Dr. Dina Vaynberg has always had to juggle life’s challenges, but the pandemic intensified the struggle. Here, the OBGYN and mom of toddler sons talks about what health systems must do to better support physician moms and offers tips on how to make sure your next role will allow you to accomplish both your family and professional goals.

  • Support and Solutions for the Physician Mental Health Crisis

    • Jun 1, 2021

    Long before the pandemic, doctors faced their own mental health concerns. Learn what’s been done — and what’s needed — to improve access to help.