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  • 12 Physician Job Search Priorities That May Surprise You

    • Feb 8, 2021

    Sure, money and location are important when you’re deciding where to work next. But often it’s the intangibles that will tip the scales toward one particular opportunity. How innovative is the health system? What’s the work culture like? Here, we dive under the surface to explore how you can make sure you will really be happy in a new role.

  • Navigating Physician Employment During COVID-19: Evaluate Your Options

    • Feb 3, 2021

    Given the realities presented by COVID-19, physicians should proactively consider their best plan of action should their employer wish to modify their current employment arrangement, and/or if the current situation presents an opportunity to change or terminate the relationship in a manner beneficial to the employed physician.

  • JAMA Medical News Podcast:  Q & A with Musical Spine Surgeons

    • Jan 27, 2021

    JAMA Medical News sat down with Elvis Francois and William Robinson to talk about their unexpected fame as a musical duo. Videos of the two performing uplifting songs, with Francois on vocals and Robinson on the piano, have gone viral, leading the two spine surgery fellows to record an EP at a Nashville studio this past spring.

  • CME - AMA Ed Hub StepsForward Module—8 Steps for Evaluating Practice Opportunities

    • Jan 20, 2021

    Practicing medicine in a positive, supportive environment is the foundation for a truly joyful career, but a job that is the wrong fit can lead to burnout & the need for disruptive job changes. Learn how to identify available practice settings & how each setting may affect your experience; develop a framework for critically assessing physician support, electronic health records, culture, & compensation at a given organization; & clarify your priorities in this Ed Hub StepsForward CME module.

  • COVID-19 Capsizes the Physician Job Market: Trends You Should Know

    • Jan 11, 2021

    Residents and fellows who are preparing to transition to practice are doing so at time when the economic realities of the market—totally upended by the COVID-19 pandemic—are far less favorable then they were at the beginning of 2020, reports Brendan Murphy, AMA news writer.

  • What Doctors Wish Patients Knew about Effective New Year's Resolutions

    • Jan 6, 2021

    This year has been different from any other in our lifetimes, which means making the same old New Year’s resolutions is unlikely to work. Many people will opt for eating healthier or working out more, but with the COVID-19 pandemic altering how everyone lives, it may be time to choose a different resolution. Two AMA members took time to discuss what they wish people knew about making New Year’s resolutions during the pandemic.

  • CME from JN Learning™ and AMA Ed Hub TM—--US Clinicians’ Experiences and Perspectives on Resource Limitation and Patient Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Jan 4, 2021

    In this JN Learning/AMA Ed Hub Critical Care module, learn how US clinicians planned for and responded to resource limitation during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic by reading a JAMA Network Open Original Investigation.

  • 7 Things Doctors Wish Patients Knew about Holiday Gatherings This Year

    • Dec 22, 2020

    With the COVID-19 case counts again surging across the nation, this year’s family holiday gatherings are going to look a lot different than usual, reports AMA Senior News writer Sara Berg. There will be tough choices ahead regarding how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and other fall and winter holidays. Find out from an infectious disease expert about some key considerations that patients should keep in mind.

  • A Window Into the World of a Physician Researcher

    • Dec 18, 2020

    Inspired to cure cancer and not just treat it, Dr. Rangaswamy Chintapatla has built a career where he spends as much time running clinical trials as he does seeing his Oncology patients. Here, he describes the many benefits of incorporating research into your practice.

  • A Resident’s Experience on the Front Lines of COVID

    • Dec 18, 2020

    A 4 a.m. phone call from home alerted Dr. Brandon Temte, a third-year resident teaching at a medical school in Uganda, that coronavirus was now a pandemic. The U.S. was closing its airports. He caught the last international fight out and returned to a completely changed hospital and country. Here, he shares his story.

  • CPT Codes for New Coronavirus Vaccines: What You Need to Know

    • Dec 17, 2020

    The AMA has published an update to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set that includes new vaccine-specific codes to report immunizations for the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, reports Kevin B. O'Reilly, News Editor.

  • From South Dakota to LA: Doctor Shares Why Urban Medicine Suits Him

    • Dec 11, 2020

    He spent nearly a decade as a small town physician, but Dr. Samuel Nyamu always knew he wanted to practice in a large, metropolitan environment. Read about his big leap, and how he, his wife and four children have found their happy place in California.

  • First It Was Masks; Now Some Refuse Testing for SARS-CoV-2

    • Dec 10, 2020

    In JAMA Medical News & Perspectives Rita Rubin, MA, reports on SARS-CoV-2 testing refusal. At a September webinar entitled, “Until We Have a COVID-19 Vaccine,” epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, expressed concerns about insufficient testing for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in the US.

  • Cut Administrative Burden by Eliminating the “Stupid Stuff”

    • Dec 4, 2020

    Senior AMA News writer Sara Berg reports on an ongoing battle to fight physician burnout and improve well-being that is especially crucial during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. As health systems continue to search for ways to cut administrative burden and workloads, one way is to eliminate “stupid stuff,” or, unnecessary tasks.

  • Mid Career Physicians – What Should Be On Your Radar Right Now

    • Dec 1, 2020

    Investment markets rise and fall unpredictably in an unstable financial market driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, but do not panic, writes AMA Contributing News Writer, Len Strazewski. Mid career physicians may build investment and retirement portfolios that are safe and productive despite variable and sometimes frightening conditions.

  • New York Doctor Rediscovers His Love for Medicine

    • Nov 23, 2020

    Burned out from decades of bureaucracy and long hours, Dr. Tony Knott left his practice behind and flew to England. A five-year adventure ensued, including learning to drive on the left side of the road and launching a book publishing company. Now a family practice doctor at NYC Health + Hospitals, he shares how COVID-19 led to renewed purpose and a new path.

  • Virtual Residency Interviews: Tips to Help

    • Nov 18, 2020

    Applications are submitted, and in the coming weeks an unprecedented residency application cycle will begin one of its most atypical phases: virtual interviews. For medical students, taking one of the key steps of residency selection from the physical world to the digital world could bring additional stress, writes AMA News writer Brendan Murphy.

  • JAMA Patient Page - Caring for Someone with COVID-19

    • Nov 11, 2020

    At this time, there is no cure for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), although some treatments are being used in severe illness. For patients recovering at home, treatment is mainly supportive. For people with mild symptoms, this means staying well rested, drinking plenty of fluids, and monitoring symptoms. Read the guidelines to know what to do when caring for someone with COVID-19.

  • PS&D Helps Doctor Pursue Her Passion for Addiction Medicine

    • Oct 30, 2020

    Dr. Terena Gimmillaro worked in the food service industry for years before becoming a primary care physician. Her background gave her a heart for helping people struggling with the disease of addiction. Read how she pivoted her career, and learn about her pioneering approach to helping patients dealing with addiction in the hospital setting.

  • 4 Tips for Video Interviews

    • Oct 26, 2020

    Many physicians may remember their residency interviews as a stressful, yet exciting part of the residency selection process. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, these interviews are now conducted through video conferencing. It’s worth the time and practice to make sure you are prepared to put your best self forward.