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  • Are you prepared to retire?
    Throughout your entire career, you've been preparing for retirement. You've planned. You've saved. By now, you might have a retirement date in mind. If that date is 6-12 months away, these steps can help with your impending transition out of practice.
  • Many residents, fellows and new physicians have substantial medical education loans. In 2016, the median debt burden for medical school graduates was $190,000. Get tips for managing your medical student loans and understand your options for repayment.
  • Trusted relationships between patients and their physicians are a timeless foundation of medical practice, but less is known about trust between physicians. How do relationships with colleagues impact patient care and physician burnout?
  • There is a reportable medical emergency on 1 of every 600 flights so chances are, if you fly a lot you may hear the call. 144 times a day physicians are called to aid passengers who have fallen ill. How do you manage in flight emergencies?
  • Are you a young physician preparing to transition from residency and fellowship? You likely have many questions about your future in medicine. These concerns extend to finances, as highlighted by an AMA Insurance Agency Inc. survey of U.S. medical residents.
  • Physicians are constantly on the lookout for technological solutions that give them the right information at the right time, and smartphone apps can be one solution. But with more than 318,000 available health-related mobile applications, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • What should you look for in compensation and benefit packages? Do all employers offer new physician bonuses? Wes Cleveland explores compensation and benefits in this episode of the podcast series Making the Rounds.
  • Learning physician resiliency has numerous benefits for you, your training, and your practice, but what exactly is resiliency?
  • AMA senior attorney Wes Cleveland knows his way around the contracting process. In the second episode of the popular podcast series, Making the Rounds, he discusses letters of intent and why physicians should consider hiring an attorney to review these documents.
  • As a physician, you know that physical activity can make a huge difference in your patients’ health, but do you also set aside enough time to get the activity you need to stay healthy and manage stress?
  • In a widely shared narrative essay from the JAMA series “A Piece of My Mind”, internist Adam S. Cifu, MD offers three basic lessons not taught in medical school that he learned about practicing medicine based on his experiences from a patient with whom he has built a trusting relationship over th...
  • The opioid overdose outbreak in West Virginia has been widely reported, and Beth Toppins, MD is on the front lines of this public health crisis. In mid-August 2016, Cabell County, West Virginia made headlines when public health officials reported 20 opioid overdose cases in a 53-hour period. In t...
  • Many physician job seekers are looking for improved career satisfaction and work-life balance. A JAMA Internal Medicine meta-analysis finds that the negative impacts of burnout can extend beyond the physician to the patients they treat. Physician job seekers looking to protect themselves from bu...
  • What do you need to consider when deciding your next move? Making the Rounds, a new podcast series from the AMA, offers career advice and interviews on topics that impact residents lives and careers, but the discussions can benefit physicians at any stage of their career. In the first episode, ...
  • Resumes differ from CVs in a few key ways, but no matter which you choose, you’ll want to make a great impression. They provide your first opportunity to catch the attention of employers who are interested in learning more about you. In both cases, it’s important to convey the milestones in your ...