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The Physician Innovation Network

Published on: May 20, 2020

Our mission is to cultivate and connect the worlds of medicine and health care innovation to ensure solutions meets the needs of physicians, care teams and patients.

The Physician Innovation Network connects the health care innovation ecosystems to improve the development of emerging health care technology solutions.

As a Physician, Resident or Medical Student, joining PIN helps you:

Make Healthcare Better

Influence the future of healthcare technology and help solve pressing problems by providing your input and perspective.

Connect with like-minded peers with a shared interest and help educate and inspire community members by sharing your experiences.

Discover paid and volunteer opportunities to work with companies that need your physician expertise and find new solutions focused on improving health care efficiency and patient outcomes.

Learn by accessing educational content, participating in panel discussions and getting to know the innovation ecosystem.


Why Join PIN?

By engaging with Volunteer Opportunities on the Physician Innovation Network you’re able to help drive innovation where the clinical voice is needed most, directly influencing solution development for better outcomes. These relationships built upon mentorship and volunteerism ultimately catalyze a lifetime of impact.

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