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Success Stories: See STEPS Forward™ in Action on AMA EdHub™

Published on: Feb 24, 2021

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It’s time to restore joy in medicine. The AMA Steps Forward Success Stories highlight real-world examples of ways to address the causes of burnout, covering topics such as implementing team-based care and strategies to instill a culture of well-being. Success Stories also look at EHR and Technology improvements, ways to address organizational culture patient physician experience and so much more.  

You can browse a full list of topics below and go to the Success Stories page to explore each module in depth. Want to share your own Success Story? Click here. 

Burnout and Well-being 

  • Reduce Burnout with Local and Organization-wide Initiatives 

  • COMPASS Groups Rejuvenate Relationships and Reduce Burnout 

  • HEAR to Identify Care Team Members at Risk of Suicide 

  • Creating a 7-On-7-Off Scheduling Option for Primary Care 

  • Implementing Strategies to Optimize Efficiency and Workflow Improve Physician Satisfaction 

EHR and Technology 

  • Optimizing EHR Use in Any Clinic Setting with a Dedicated IT-Focused Team 

  • Make EHR Work Easier and Cut Down on Daily “Clicks” 

  • Resident Superuser Engage Residents in Optimizing the EHR 

Organizational Culture 

  • A Simple Worksheet Helps a Urology Clinic Be “Lean” 

  • Using Appreciative Inquiry to Improve Continuity of Care in Psychiatric Patients 

  • Patients Guide A Practice Through Improving Phone Triage and Office Design 

Patient-Physician Experience 

  • Screening for Food Insecurity with Two Questions Results in Sixteen-fold Increase in Food Resource Referrals 

  • Community Tours Highlight Opportunities for Healthcare and Faith-based Organizations to Work Together 

Team-Based Care and Workflow 

  • Annual Prescription Renewals Could Save Hundreds of Hours Each Year for Your Organization 

  • Effective Team-based Care Could Save 8 Hours of Free Time Per Week 

  • Pre-Visit Laboratory Testing Can Improve Communication with Patients about Test Results 

  • Medical Assistants are the Cornerstones of Successful Team-Based Care 

  • Leverage Standing Orders and Protocols to Ease In-Basket Burdens 

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