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Population Health Executive Leads New Organization Using Physician MBA

Published on: Jan 20, 2023


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Lori Sieboldt, MD, MBA’21 | Chief Medical Officer, Innovative Healthcare Collaborative of Indiana

When two major Indiana health systems decided to partner on a joint venture addressing population health needs, they selected emergency medicine physician Lori Sieboldt, MD, MBA’21, to lead medical operations. Dr. Sieboldt credits the Physician MBA Program in the Indiana University Kelley School of Business for her transition to executive leadership.

“Moving from a physician who cares for patients into an executive role forces you to lead differently,” said Dr. Sieboldt, whose team includes 55 nurses, social workers, and outreach specialists who care for 250,000 patients in Indianapolis and Evansville, Ind. “Suddenly, you’re growing leaders instead of growing yourself. The Physician MBA prepared me for that shift in mindset through change management and leadership training. Kelley prepares future leaders.”

In the first year of her new position, Dr. Sieboldt was named a “Best & Brightest Executive MBA” by Poets & Quants, a renowned business education publication. She says she felt prepared to hit the ground running in her new role thanks to the 21-month, physician-only MBA.

“I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today without the Kelley Physician MBA. It gave me the skills, tools, and confidence to reach for the job I have now,” she said.

When asked about pursuing an MBA, Dr. Sieboldt encourages her peers to consider where they want to go and how an MBA can move them in that direction.

“There’s real value in this degree. It’s not just letters behind your name. The Kelley Physician MBA is an investment in your future.”