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Physician Relocation: What to Know Before Making a Move

Published on: Dec 28, 2021

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The pandemic has led millions of people to move in the last two years, and physicians are no exception. And while mobility is certainly a perk for those who choose medicine as a career, moving can be a high-stress time.  


LeAnn Patton, senior recruitment resource coordinator, manages doctors’ moves for Provider Solutions & Development. “If we are recruiting and assisting with your hire, we also help facilitate your move. It’s part of the package,” she says.  

LeAnn and team manage “all things physician relocation” — from travel, flights, hotels and meals, to house-hunting trips and movement of goods. We caught up with LeAnn to get her inside tips on what to look out for, what to avoid, and what resources are available to ease the process.  

Physician Relocation Checklist   

1. Understand Your Clinical and Contractual Obligations  

To safeguard yourself, read through your current employment contract to make sure you understand the implications of a move. In particular, review your contract’s termination notice requirements and any restrictive covenants, like non-compete clauses, that could prevent you from practicing in a specific location for a period of time after contract termination.   

“Knowing those things ahead of time can help you target your search,” LeAnn says. “It can also help you in the interview and offer process as you negotiate start dates.”    

Make sure you’ve met the expected requirements of your current position:   

  • Were there milestones you had to meet? Did you meet them? What are the penalties or ramifications if you did not?   

  • Would a job change impact any incentives tied to your service?  

2. Learn About Physician Relocation Assistance, Reimbursements and Bonuses  

If you’re working with a recruiter, most will let you know upfront about the standard benefits an employer offers. This is especially true for relocation assistance, moving-expense reimbursement or move-related bonuses.   

“What an employer offers in terms of relocation assistance will likely play a role in your decision-making process,” LeAnn says. “Some employers that do offer physician relocation assistance have a set offering, but there’s often some wiggle room. For example, an employer may offer funds for moving goods, but how you choose to use those funds — a moving company, renting a truck — may be up to you.”  

Read more of LeAnn’s tips on what to think about before you move, including licensing requirements, tax implications and how to build in downtime to rest and recuperate. Want to discuss your options with an expert Recruitment Advisor? We have those on deck at Provider Solutions & Development. We offer holistic, personalized career guidance to help you find the right fit, at every step in your career. Start the conversation today

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NATIVE CONTENT ADVERTORIAL | Brought to you by: Provider Solutions & Development