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Physician Interview Questions and Answers

Published on: Apr 5, 2023

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The physician interview is very different from interviews for other professions. The interviewer is tasked with finding a physician who meets all the clinical skill requirements and is a good culture fit for the facility. Physician recruiters want someone who meshes well with the community, can connect with patients, and has a good bedside manner.


Preparing your answers in advance to the most commonly asked questions can help you stand out from other physicians pursuing the same position. CompHealth asked several physician recruiters for the ideal answers to their top physician interview questions. Here’s what we found.

Ideal answers to frequently asked physician interview questions

“Tell me about yourself.” 
This is the first question a physician will often encounter. We found that healthcare facilities want to hear about your training experience, your background (is it from well-recognized/highly accredited organizations?), and your dreams (hopefully they are in line with the position that you are interviewing for). Prepare a response that consists of a few brief sentences that will be both unique and memorable.

“Why did you go into medicine?” 
Steven Jacobs, manager of physician recruitment for Einstein Healthcare Network, says, “I want to know why you became a doctor. What drew you to medicine?” He says he favors this question because it helps him understand what is most important to you in your career. Resoundingly, our clients expressed their distaste with physicians saying that they went into medicine for the pay. Be honest about why you went into medicine but try to tie it to more altruistic motivations. One possible answer: “I want to help people and provide the best medical care that I can.”

“What kind of salary are you looking for?”
To find out how to answer this question and more, along with tips for virtual interviews and common behavioral questions, read CompHealth’s guide to physician interview questions and answers