New Podcast Series on AMA Moving Medicine

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New Podcast Series on AMA Moving Medicine 

The AMA Membership team is excited to announce a two-part podcast series - What Doctors Wish Patients Knew on the AMA Moving Medicine podcast.  

1. Physical Distancing in Schools: What Doctors Wish Patients Knew Description: School physician Dr. Tyeese Gaines and Dr. Wayne Grody, professor at UCLA School of Medicine, discuss what they wish patients knew about physical distancing as a measure against COVID-19, especially as schools navigate the decision to reopen. 

Click here to listen. 

2. COVID-19 Vaccines: What Doctors Wish Patients Knew 
Description: As COVID-19 vaccines become available, Dr. Tyeese Gaines and Dr. Wayne Grody discuss misinformation about the vaccines and what they wish patients knew about safety and efficacy. 

Click here to listen. 


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