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Are you suffering from burnout?

Published on: Oct 29, 2018


Many physician job seekers are looking for improved career satisfaction and work-life balance.  A JAMA Internal Medicine meta-analysis finds that negative impacts can extend beyond the physician to the patients they treat. Physician job seekers looking to protect themselves from burnout may be wise to consider employers who prioritize physician wellness programs that are intended to cut down on physician burnout.

The study looked at three aspects of burnout: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment. Physician burnout was found to be associated with higher numbers of patient safety incidents, and increased odds of low professionalism. The review concluded that physician burnout might jeopardize patient care and recommends institutions implement strategies to jointly monitor and improve physician wellness and patient outcomes.  In conclusion, the findings recommend efforts aimed at improving the culture of health care organizations and individual’s physicians as worthwhile.

As you consider the next step in your career, evaluating an organization’s culture and attitude toward physician health and satisfaction might have benefits not only for you, but for your patients.