AMA Volunteer Guide: COVID-19

Published on: May 18, 2020

The American Medical Association (AMA) Volunteer Guide provides information for physicians and health care professionals who want to support communities severely impacted by COVID-19.   

  • Click here to download the AMA Physician’s Guide to COVID-19.


Guide to volunteer at the state-level:

For state agencies and institutions, the AMA Volunteer Guide includes information on third-party organizations that can identify and match volunteers accordingly as well as resources for credentialing in an emergency.

  • Click here for volunteer activity and assistance.


Guide for retired physicians:

The AMA has curated a selection of resources to provide guidance to senior and retired physicians who may wish to return to work or are called upon to do so during the COVID-19 outbreak. This resource includes guidance on licensing, providing assistance that does not involve direct patient care, re-entering practice, managing professional liability and consideration of retirement status. 

  • Click here for the senior physician COVID-19 resource guide


Guide for learners:

Medical students who are considering volunteer roles should review the guiding principles developed by the AMA Council. 

  • Click here for guiding principles to protect learners


Guide for medical staff:

The National Association for Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) is monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and is committed to serving the medical services profession.

Additionally the Volunteer Guide covers in depth information regarding:

  • Temporarily relaxed licensure requirements
  • Organizations providing gratis access to credential verification data
  • Statistics around the U.S. physician and student workforce
  • COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

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